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Hygge – A heartwarming lesson from Denmark

Hygge (pronounced “hue-gah”).  You may have seen this Danish word being featured heavily over the past few months, with Hygge books being released on how to achieve the hyggelig (the adjective of hygge) lifestyle.  Hygge is defined by the Oxford

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Mindful Based Compassionate Living

8 Week Course
Discovering how to offer compassion to yourself and others

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I bought an adult colouring book and I like it

If you’re not finding mindfulness in yoga, meditation, or that glass of wine, there’s a new option: adult colouring books. But they aren’t the colouring books we had as kids – full of Disney princesses and flowers. These are specifically for adults to help

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Understanding Compassion

Someone recently said to me that they are frustrated with themselves, they haven’t been as compassionate to people as they’d like recently.  Lots of us experience this: we’re judgemental, quick to snap at people, getting frustrated with how other people

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