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The Joy of Mindful Eating

What is Mindful Eating ? I came to Mindful  Eating when I began seeking a way to curb the stress and anxiety I experienced on a daily basis.   Part of my Mindfulness teacher training was to explore and understand my relationship

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The benefits and science of mindfulness

There’s been an increase in research into mindfulness in the last few decades. It’s not just the science world that’s catching on, but the business world too. Companies are recognising the usefulness of mindfulness in the workplace and publications such as Harvard Business Review and Forbes have

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Yoga Nidra

8 Week course

Rediscover your joy, peace and well-being

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Are you full to the rim ?

Empty the cup.   Why? Once upon a time, a scholar came to visit a saint. After the scholar had been orating and propounding for a while, the saint proposed some tea. She slowly filled the scholar’s cup: gradually the tea

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One Week Challenge: Go a day without complaining

Welcome to Mindful Living UK – One Week Challenge.    For each One Week Challenge, we and you (should you wish to participate!) have one week to complete the challenge. Go a day without complaining. Go a week if you

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Letting go of anger and bitterness

We’re all far from perfect and we go through our own challenges and hurts. When we feel let down or betrayed our human condition is to ‘grip hold’ of the emotions that arise, broken trust means broken safety, we can

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