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Trauma Informed Practitioner

2 Day Workshop – providing pyscho-education and tools that can immediately be passed onto clients experiencing trauma in their lives.

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Introduction to Mindfulness

One Day Workshop

Providing tools so you can incorporate a mindfulness practice in your own life.

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The Joy of Mindful Eating

What is Mindful Eating ? I came to Mindful  Eating when I began seeking a way to curb the stress and anxiety I experienced on a daily basis.   Part of my Mindfulness teacher training was to explore and understand my relationship

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One Day Retreats

One Day Retreats – an opportunity to strengthen and deepen your practice.

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Mind Mapping (ITEP)

2 day workshop – learning how to use mapping tools therapeutically.
This is an in-house workshop for up to 18 delegates.

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It’s all about single-tasking

“Multitasking is shifting focus from one task to another in rapid succession. It gives the illusion that we’re simultaneously tasking, but we’re really not. It’s like playing tennis with three balls.” – Edward M. Hallowell, a psychiatrist As you’re reading this

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10 practices for waking up at work

Does Monday morning fill you with dread ?  Are you tired of your workplace ?  Do your colleagues drive you mad?  Is the pile of work just getting bigger ? We’ve adapted a few of Pamela Weiss’ (from Appropriate Response)

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Letting go of anger and bitterness

We’re all far from perfect and we go through our own challenges and hurts. When we feel let down or betrayed our human condition is to ‘grip hold’ of the emotions that arise, broken trust means broken safety, we can

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Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention

8 week course.
1 day introduction also available.

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