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Youth Mindfulness

8 Week Course

Making mindfulness come alive for children – Michael Bready, Founder Youth Mindfulness

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Introduction to Mindfulness

One Day Workshop

Providing tools so you can incorporate a mindfulness practice in your own life.

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The Joy of Mindful Eating

What is Mindful Eating ? I came to Mindful  Eating when I began seeking a way to curb the stress and anxiety I experienced on a daily basis.   Part of my Mindfulness teacher training was to explore and understand my relationship

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Clear the clutter and make space for your life

By now you’ve probably realised that life can get pretty complicated. Each day presents competing priorities and challenges, and sometimes it can leave you puzzled as to why that “to-do” list never seems to get shorter. It’s no surprise that

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Yoga Nidra

8 Week course

Rediscover your joy, peace and well-being

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One Day Retreats

One Day Retreats – an opportunity to strengthen and deepen your practice.

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Kids with Balance

Monthly sessions at Arundel Wetlands Centre supporting children to develop emotional intelligence and resilience

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Are you full to the rim ?

Empty the cup.   Why? Once upon a time, a scholar came to visit a saint. After the scholar had been orating and propounding for a while, the saint proposed some tea. She slowly filled the scholar’s cup: gradually the tea

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The mundane can be beautiful

Peggy Freydberg’s Chorus of Cells: the mundane can be beautiful We would like to share a poem that has changed the way we view getting up in the morning. Peggy Freydberg’s Chorus of Cells is part of her published collection of poems, Poems from

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The pursuit of happiness: what does it mean to be happy?

We live in a time where many of us obsess and worry about the future. We are elbowing and racing each other to see who can get there better and faster. Sometimes without even asking ourselves if “there” is somewhere

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