Kids with Balance

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Kids with Balance

Welcome to Mindful Living UK – ‘Kids with Balance’ a programme exploring mindful practices and relaxation skills for children.

We are proud to be working with Arundel Wetlands Centre offering monthly sessions to enable children to develop emotional resilience and emotional intelligence.

Each 3 hour session consists of

  1. Warm-up exercises
  2. Posture and Co-ordination exercises
  3. Group-based Activities and Interactional Games
  4. Mindfulness Practice and Breathing exercises
  5. Mindful movements
  6. Visualisations, and Affirmations

Our mission at Mindful Living UK is to promote the value and significance of mindfulness and relaxation techniques to all children, empowering their self esteem and self expression and guiding children to draw out and honour their individual innate intelligence through natural movement experiences.

Every ‘Kids with Balance’ session is relevant, practical, inspirational, and fun. We hope to teach and inspire a generation of happy, healthy, positive and calm children to live a balanced life in body, positive mind and spirit.

Our vision is to inspire and teach every child the positive and lifelong benefits of mindfulness and relaxation techniques that calm and rejuvenate them, to create a more balanced, more harmonious community.


Kids with Balance
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Mindfulness for Kids


Mindfulness for Kids