Mindful Eating –

Rediscover a healthy & joyful connection with food.

Mindful Eating –

About the course

You’ve been working hard on a project on the computer, and it’s time for at treat. You’ve been holding off, waiting for the delicious taste of – here, please fill in the blank. Coffee? ice cream? a piece of dark chocolate? a donut? an onion bagel? some fresh strawberries?

For me, it would be a cheese and ham sandwich?

You take the first bite.  Feels good!  You take the second bite. Still good, maybe a little less yummy than the first bite, but never mind. You glance at the computer and something catches your eye. A Hollywood scandal, a political gaff, a weird and wacky video. You click on it, watch, and continue eating.

Mindless eating and disappearing food ?

Suddenly you look down. Where did that treat go? Your fingers are sticky and there’s still a trace of flavor on your tongue, so it must have disappeared down the hatch while you weren’t looking . . . or smelling, or tasting, or enjoying. Disappointment and dissatisfaction set in. “That one just vanished! I’d better have another one.” Next the internal critic voice pipes up “What are you thinking?  One treat is enough. You know you’re trying to lose weight/eat better/stop grazing/etc.”

This course explores the many aspects of ‘mindless’ eating and ‘mindful’ eating.  Mindful eating (also known as intuitive eating), a concept with its roots in Buddhist teachings, aims to reconnect us more deeply with the experience of eating — and enjoying — our food.

Sometimes referred to as “the opposite of diets,” mindful eating is based on the idea that there is no right or wrong way to eat, but rather varying degrees of consciousness about what we are eating and why.   The goal of mindful eating, then, is to base our meals on physical cues, such as our bodies’ hunger signals, not emotional ones — like eating for comfort.

Mindful Eating –
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Mindful Eating – Michelle DuVal


Mindful Eating – Michelle DuVal